Why the delay?


Turns out the start to my hike has been a little complicated. #whatrules
The first stretch is to walk from “The end of the world” in Ushuaia, Argentina to Punta Arenas, Chile. 

Crossing borders

Unsurprisingly, you aren’t allowed to cross the Argentina-Chile border wherever you like… unless you prearrange it with boarder control with 60 days notice, not 6 (ops)!

Walking around the problem

1. Walking to the border

I have commenced the walk from my starting point as planned and recorded my hike to the border of Argentina which I’m not allowed to cross (let’s call this Point 1). Here I dropped off food cache #1, then backtracked back to the start.

2. Driving to the Chile side

I now drive all-the-way-around to Chile through an official boarder to get my passport stamped… we (see people thanked below) then continue to get as close possible to the Chile side of Point 1 (this is Point 2, a 3 day hike away from Point 1).

3. food cache drops

Here I drop off food cache #2… after dropping food cache #3 at the Kayak launch point. Which starts at Point 3

4. Link-hike back to the border (Chile side)

From Point 2, I hike to Point 1 approaching from Chile, again stopping at the border. Once I’m at Point 1, I pick up food cache #1 and restart my official hike by backtracking back to point 2. 

5. HIGHLIGHT Kayaking the Strait of Magellan 

On returning to point 2 I collect cache #2, then continue to to the Kayak section at Point 3 where I’m being met by some Chilean legends who will have all the Kayak gear and food for the Kayak leg for me. 

Before leaving on the kayaks, I will collect food cache #3 which will feed me for the next hiking leg post Kayak ending roughly 300 km from the starting point in Punta Arenas. 

THEN, photos for you all while no doubt eating the best meal of my life!

Sorry for the lack of photos – some are on facebook (internetfail) and the rest drowned in the ocean (see next post).

Track my progress here!

**People to thank

Ruben is my Couch Surfing host. Conveniently, he is also a tour operator who knows about rules. 

For example; 

I am not allowed into restricted national park areas due to regeneration programs… that put an end to my first route plan. 

Then, he spent hours on the phone to border control and my kayak crew to rearrange the meeting date after being delayed!!

Then he found out where destinations for a new road have been set to make sure my passage is safe. 

All the while, I’ve been staying at his house eating all his food! #sorrynotsorry

Angelica! Who you may have met already on my facebook page joined me for day 1 and started teaching me Spanish #essentialskill


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