Epic Anniversary GIVEAWAY All.The.Things!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate one year on the trail than to host a massive giveaway… other than to keep it all for myself, let’s be real.

{Giveaway ended 19 March 2018. Thanks to everyone who entered AND THANK YOU to all my sponsors!}


WIN Up to $10000 in prizes

To enter, log in at the bottom of this form ⬇


TANGLES + TAIL ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY Walking the length of the world


What’s up for grabs?

Everything from adventure gear to a fully accredited diploma in project management course (NOT KIDDING) to help you get your next adventure happening – whatever form that might be.

Also in the mix is a sunset cruise for 25 people, a kayak experience for two, an adventurer’s art kit, some seriously savvy IT Guru’s ready to help you get your website or blog up, running and automated, a stack of vouchers and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE!

Oh yes, AND… some prizes can be won globally so if you don’t live in Australia don’t let that stop you from entering. Checkout the prize descriptions below… and the T’s & C’s at the very bottom of the blog… if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Make sure you encourage sponsors by following their social pages and telling your friends about the giveaway!! If this does well, we’ll do more… and we all know #everyonelovesafreebie.

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Get in touch for anything finance, logistics, equipment, film, promotion or random related!

ENDS 19 March 2018

If you’re as excited as I am…

… you’re not going to read any of this so… Enter via the prompts in the form below. The more prompts you follow the more chances you have to win.

– Lucy


Make sure you like (fb) or follow (ig) each of the sponsors' pages you receive an entry for to be eligible!

Prizes  ⬇


For the Entrepreneur: BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

Value $4640

“We love projects. And we love to develop those who work on them”.

Not a lie! The team at Elemental Projects brought my expedition planning up to speed, on track and charging ahead for the departure plane.

If you have a great idea and no idea how to go about it you’ll be miles ahead having done this course!

If you’re a project manager, then you already know you need to WIN this!

This is a training program aimed at developing #badass project management skills.

*Must be redeemed within a year from the draw
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash


For The Celebrity: Exclusive Sunset Charter

Value $1200

This is an exclusive 3 hour sunset charter onboard a luxury boat on the Swan River in Perth Western Australia. You and up to 24 of your friends can enjoy the kind of evening celebraties sign up for. A five star experience! You’re welcome.

*Cruise must be booked between Monday to Friday 15 November 2018 and 10 March 2019, Subject to boat availability.
**Must be redeemed within a year
***Not transferable or redeemable for cash


For the Weekend Adventurer: The North Face Prize Pack

Value $570.00

A ThermoBall Hoodie

I’ve had one with me from the polar region of Tierra del Fuego to the Atacama desert! You’ll love it. It’s been designed to cop adventure and keep you comfortable in all climates.

A Recon Backpack

Vlog maker? This pack fits all the things. It has a laptop pouch, room for your action cam, a drone and Chris Hemsworth. Wait, what? Just checking if you’re reading?!

*More colour options available
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash


For the Business Savvy: Free domain name for 2 years  & Lifetime cPanel package

Value $446 in the first two years, $199 per year thereafter.

If you’re a budding blogger or need a new host for your website this is you!

While some of you might be all over website design… when I created mine, I bought a template I liked, and then WordPress gave me some instructions that involved gin, tonic and asprin.

Go Hosting loaded the template and had me online before I felt the affects of a hangover set in! #winning.

This package will get you sorted.

*Domains included are all standard GTLD domains and .au domains including .com .org .biz and .net.
**If you want a .au domain you will need to have an ABN
***Not transferable or redeemable for cash
****This prize is available for entrants outside Australia


For the adventurous artist: Art Spectrum

Value $501

Tamara is a legend. She’s offering up an Adventurer’s Essentials Pack to get art back into your outdoor culture!

In case you don’t know… Art spectrum is a family owned Aussie company manufacturing the finest artists’ colours which include oils, watercolours, gouache, pastels, inks, mediums and many textured surfaces and tools. All made in house, ethically and sustainably.

They’ve been around since 1966 (forever), and take their work seriously – committed to continued development of colours of unsurpassed brilliance and intensity.

Adventurer’s Essentials Pack

Art Spectrum Artist Watercolour Set Presented in a Wooden Box Box

Set contains:
9 x Art Spectrum Artist Watercolour 10ml tubes.
Colours: Lemon Yellow; Spectrum Yellow; Spectrum Red; Spectrum Crimson; Spectrum Blue; Ultramarine Blue; Phthalo Green; Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna Hue

4 x Art Spectrum Artist Travel Sablinksy Brushes.
#4 Round; #6 Round; #8 Round and #10 Round

Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastel Set – Arid Landscapes – Set of 20

After more than 50 years’ of the badassary, Tamara & co have created SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW… a selection of pure pigment extra soft square pastels. Colours ranging from smouldering darks to delicate veils of highlight colours, all exhibiting the rich velvety bloom loved by the pastel artist… me included.

Art Spectrum Australian Landscape Artist Oil – Set of 6
1 of Series 2, 5 of Series 3

These are Australia’s most respected oil paint. They are lightfast pigments which are triple-milled to traditional methods using the purest of linseed oil.

6 x Art Spectrum Artist Oil 40ml tubes.
Colours: Australian Red Gold S3 ; Pilbara Red S3; Tasman Blue S3; Australian Leaf Green Light S3; Australian Leaf Green Dark S3; Australian Grey S2

Art Spectrum Draw and Wash Pads A4 210gsm Textured 30 sheets

Tamara also manufacturers a big range of Artist Quality work pads. The Draw and Wash Pad provides the artist with superb quality which is ideal for all wet and dry techniques. The paper will accept practically all art media being that it has been internal and surfaces sized with a high cotton content. Acid Free and Chlorine Free making it ideal pad for students and professional artists alike.

Some random work I’ve created with their kits in the past…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Must be redeemed within a year from the draw
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash
***This prize is available for entrants outside Australia


For the Blogger: Email Template, plug-in and MailChimp Integration for WordPress

Value $500

Have a blog with wordpress? Hate the standard subscriber email? Me too.

I designed a new email template (because I’m annoying like that)… and Robbie built it, coded a WHOLE NEW PLUG-IN for wordpress and integrated it into MailChimp for me… not only that, he also stayed with me while I changed my mind about the finer details to get it to the end product.

Anyone who has worked with me on a creative project can tell you this man deserves a drink!.. and yet here he is, putting his hand up to go through it all again for you! Dope.

Don’t know what emails I’m talking about? SUBSCRIBE!!

*Must be redeemed within a year from the draw
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash
***This prize is available for entrants outside Australia


For the Adventurer: Live gps tracking map

Value $485

If you’re planning an epic holiday, tour or expedition… you’re welcome!

Tedde is giving away a month long LIVE GPS tracking map along with the use of one of their hardware devices…. so you’re friends, family and followers will know where you are and how you’re tracking without having to ask you (some call this dot watching… some call it stalking).

He’s also throwing in a set of 4 x 750ml Follow My Challenge water bottles and an outdoor proof sticker set.

*Must be redeemed within a year from the draw
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash
***This prize is available for entrants outside Australia


For a Bromance or a Romance: Kayak Eco Tour | Double Pass

Value $250

Join the Sydney Harbour Kayaks crew on an epic Middle Harbour Kayak Eco Tour.

Their (extremely good looking) guides will share loads of stories about the history of the area with you as you paddle from urban life into the remote natural bushlands of the Garigal National Park.

*Must be redeemed within a year from the draw
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash


For the Gear Basement Charged: Mirage Kayaks $250 voucher

Value $250

This gift voucher is for the Mirage Kayak company to be used on any of their branded products.

Mirage Kayaks are hand-built in Australia with unique features designed by experienced paddlers to increase comfort on the water. They’re also the people behind the Massive Murray Paddle that you may have seen me Vlog about.

*Must be redeemed within a year from the draw
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash


For the Land Sharks: Topside Hydro Fins

Value $139

You could have the grace of a running cow, or you get your hands on some fins that have been designed to phase out face planting.

Choose from one of three colours… If you win, I’ll need your hoof size.

*Prize available for Australian and New Zealand residence
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash


For the Untameable: Truckette Hats

Value 2 x $40.50

Stacie cut up every.single.hat she owns to solve the old fro Vs hat problem! #Comitted.

Without a doubt this is one of the most popular prizes in the draw. But you can’t emotionally blackmail me out of mine… you have to win one or head over to her site to get one of your own.

My only worry is that my tangles and my Truckette are going to become indistinguishable… we’ll see.

*I have a Fox hat and a “Do Rad Shit” hat… both in purple with blue trimming to give away.
**These are in my hot little hands so… I will post anywhere around the world. But ummm it might take a little while before I send them because I have to be in a town with a post office that does international. Also, no guarantee on post.
***Chance to win one of two.


For the Feet (not the blisters): Two pairs of blister prevention liner socks

Value $78.00


I’m not going to lie… My feet are super sensitive (pathetic) and coming up with strategies to avoid blisters has been tough!

ArmaSkin’s are a neoprene sock liner that shield your feet from sock and shoe rub. They’re a must have for hikers which means a lot coming from me… we’ve all seen my blisters!

*Ian from ArmaSkin is super happy to mail these overseas but we can’t guarantee against postal failure.
**Not transferable or redeemable for cash

ArmaSkin ad for EMCTC


For the Last Minute: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Daypack

Value $59.99

I need this!

It’s a water-resistant backpack that fits in the palm of your hand. Perfect when you need to run into the shops to grab something… you ummm… forgot to pack for a hike. Just say’n.


As if I’d ever write something conventional here…

Nobody likes a winger

The first term of entry is that you agree not to complain… or make my life difficult (as deemed by me)… or write an email that starts with “I know this is against the rules but…”.

Doing so will disqualify you from the comp.

Tough love but… we want to host more giveaway’s but won’t if it causes a headache. Fair? #loveandbeloved 

Choose your prize

The first entrant drawn can choose which (1) prize they want and so on until all prizes are given away in order of winners drawn… Winners will be notified by email. If I don’t hear back from them within a week of the draw, I will offer first choice to the next winner and redraw a new winner for the last prize available.


Logistics are tough… Because I’m still walking, I may not send your prize until a month or so. Sorry about that.

Some of the prizes not in my possession will also take a month or so to be sent… #adventurelife.

Giving away prizes

…is very kind of you but all prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash, must be chosen within a week of the draw and used (where applicable) within a year and within times specified by the sponsor.

Love for international peeps

All prizes are exclusive to people living in Australia… EXCEPT where indicated. If we need to post it, we’ll mail to you no matter what country you’re in…. but won’t guarantee delivery 📦. There’s only so much we can control.

The peeps from Wildhorn and Sea to Summit will also mail their prizes to New Zealand residence.

Aussie rules.

Standard T&Cs for Australia apply except for the exceptions.

Above all else

It’d be great to host more giveaway’s in the future so please like and follow sponsors social media pages on the form and act for the greater good.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.


  1. so masny great prizes. you are amazing. its great following you adventure.

  2. Hi Lucy Great progress you are getting there good on you wish I was with you in this great adventure KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Love and regards Richard

  3. Hey! Looks amazing! Not super clear on how to enter though! Follow the sponsors and then…?

  4. This is so fantastic of you girl. I am loving following your journey (with a little bit of the green eye jealousy). You should be so proud of yourself you are doing so amazingly.

  5. You never cease to amaze me with what else you have in stock for your followers. #becausewalkingthelengthoftheworldinstenough

  6. Thanks so much for the opportunity to visit so many brilliant enterprises through this – looks like I will have hours of fun trawling through all the info and pics

  7. Awesome comptetion. Keep up the walking, love watching the updates as they come in. You are so courageous and such an inspiration.

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