Blister photos


    • Hahaha. So tragic! My feet are toughening up again though and I’m in a town with lots of shops right now so I’ll buy some better shoes!!!

  1. Have you tried Injinji toe socks? Individual socks for each toe. Could help here. If your pinky toes are somewhat overlapped by your fourth toe, you get all the rubbing. Run a strip of tape along the inside of the toe as a precaution. Be careful when there’s blood inside, they can get infected.

    • My toes are too short for Injinji

      Typically I find a combination of Armaskins socks with gell between those toes works best… But no matter what I try I always have to go through the initial trauma!

      Thanks for the tape idea too… I tried that this week to avoid double blisters and seems to have done the trick!!!!

  2. Ha! I would have said, “you need to get John Vonhof’s book, Fixing Your Feet”, but I see he’s already made his rounds. 🙂

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