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Chocolate Emergencies

For gifts of chocolate, coffee and dog toys, visit the PayPal pocket money page.


My secret weapon. You can shout me 1, 3, 6 or 12 audiobooks by entering the below email and my name here.

Lucy Barnard

Replenish My Kit (AND luggage mules)

Sadly, this option isn’t going to be available to me for awhile… but when travel opens up again I’ll be needing a few things and really appreciative of anyone who can help me out!

Luggage Mules
If in the distant future you’re planning to travel to Central America… and you’re happy to bring me a jacket, or some tights, or a set of dog booties… please contact me!

Care Packages
Or, you can post care packages to my logistic savvy friend who loads up travellers visiting areas near where I am or will soon be.

Typical items include:

• Sawyer mini water filters
• Leggings
• Size 10 Hoka Bondi shoes (the style ‘Bondi’ is important)

Postal address:

Lucy Barnard c/o The Kelly’s
PO Box 2024,
East Ivanhoe,
Vic 3079

Sponsorships and skills!

If you’re a company with a big heart… and do anything professionally with comms, tech, copywriting, filming, equipment, or something you think would be useful, reach out!

– everyone here will love you for it!

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