Adventure life It´s pretty random

Adventure life

It’s not quite a day-in-the-life but it does show you some of the cool things, frustrating things, painful things and miraculous things that happen while I give it my best to become the first woman to walk the length of the world…

BIG LOVE TO ALLAN RAYMAN for letting me use his song 




  1. Happy 2000 km! Just yesterday, making pancakes, I wondered what you were getting up to these days. Do people ever give you vegetables? Someone gave me a tomato salad in the desert one time and my taste buds lost their minds.

  2. I watched this first thing this morning and you made my day.
    You’re amazing!
    Thanks for the laughs 🙂

  3. Love your laugh and the joy of such abundant simplicity. Happy belated 2000km. You must be just about at 3000km now. Ewww!

  4. Inspirational stuff – you go girl, showing that if you set your mind to it – anything is possible

  5. My husband and i think you are a wonderful adventurous indervidual who has embraced life with an iron grip. We so look forward to following your adventures and your lust for life.

  6. Hi Lucy,
    I heard you on ABC Radio yesterday…what a great adventure and what a wonderful laugh you have! My wife and I have been through Chile and Argentina so enjoying seeing it again through your walk. You’ve got some new followers in Canberra!

  7. Great vlog! (You’re a natural!) Congratulations on reaching 2000km! It’s amazing what you’re doing and I love reading and watching your adventures!

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NEXT UP – The Atacama Desert:


The most expansive and arid place on earth stretches across northern Chile into Peru!

There’s a whole science behind why it’s so inhospitable – but no real explanation to why I’m not taking an alternative route other than curiosity and for the experience.


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