VIDEO: How my gear changed in the desert, how will it change in the snowy andes, and how has it changed with Wombat the Adventure Dog?

The full list:

[1.51] The hiking trailer is a Monowalker Flatmate

  • Weight: 9.8kg (+ Harness and bags)
  • Load capacity: 70kg


  • Thermorest Z Lite foam mat
  • Sea to Summit Etherlight XT insulated air mat
  • Sea to Summit Aeros ultralight pillow
  • Sea to Summit Flame women’s sleeping bag
  • Sea to Summit Marino sleeping bag liner


  • Truckette hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunnies 
  • Cycling gloves

[7.23] FOOD BAG

  • Food
  • Sea to Summit trowel and toilet paper
  • Repair kit: multi tool, knife, super glue, gorilla tape, nail clippers, needle and thread
  • Cooking set, Soto Windmaster with igniter, Sea to Summit Alpha pot set 1.1, pot cosy (How to make a pot cosy

[12.26] SECURITY

  • Garmin Inreach tracker
  • Pepper spray
  • Fake wallet
  • Cart kit: electrical tape, spare tube, leavers, straps, lock system, straps, zip ties
  • Bullet Journal diary

[14.12] CLOTHES

  • Kühl hiking shirt (desert)
  • Pins To Kill tights (desert)
  • Rab sunshirt (desert)
  • Rab fleece
  • Outdoor Research jacket
  • 4 socks: Icebreaker night socks, snow socks, Darn Tough socks (desert), Armaskin antiblister socks
  • Thermal hiking shirt
  • Outdoor Research Helium rain clothes
  • Blackmilk clothing “toasty” tights
  • The North Face nuptse jacket
  • Shoes
  • Hoka One One: Bondi (one size larger)
  • Thongs:
  • XTM Marino gloves


Meds for: Severe pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, inflamation, altitude, cold and flu, antibiotics, with a letter from my GP

… I’ve used all of them except altitude which is a precaution for the coming weeks.

Wombat: Antibiotics, sever painkiller, worming, flees and tick treatment

  • Bandaids
  • Strapping tape
  • Marker pen
  • Hair tie
  • Disinfectant

[22.31] SHELTERS

  • TNF triarch tent
  • Sea to Summit escapist 15D tarp


  • DJI Mavic air

Other bag left out:

  • Phone
  • Garmin etrex 20 + battery recharger
  • Head torch
  • Goal zero battery
  • USB Wall adapter, international converter, cords
  • Head torch
  • Rear bike light 

[25.02] WOMBAT’S KIT

  • Dog lead
  • Tethering line
  • Ruffwear backpack
  • Bowls
  • Water bottle
  • TNF thermoball jacket
  • Sea to Summit SI Seat
  • Poo bags


  • Momax tripod
  • Moment phone lens
  • Cheapy phone microphone
  • Sea to Summit dry bags

[27.18] Thank you

Olivia at Wasipunko Ecolodge

AND to Guy and Cheryl who shouted me a few nights accomodation!! 🤩

[28.27] The ring

Wanna help me, sponsor me, or motivate me?

Here’s how people have been helping (bribing) me forward:

1) Luggage mules 
If you’re planning a trip to Peru this year, or Ecuador… and you’re happy to bring me a jacket, or some tights, or a set of dog booties… please contact me!

If you’re skilled at Rogaining this will be right up your ally as travelling to the country is half the challenge. Once you arrive we’ll either need to find a service that can deliver the goods… or better yet – provide you access to my LIVE tracker so you can track me down!

Promise I’ll be somewhere worth the adventure!!

2) Clothes, equipment, pro-skills, and audiobooks
You can contribute towards specific equipment via instructions here, which will then be waiting for a luggage mule…

3) Ice cream, hot chocolates and dog toys for the road. 
These delightful variations from rice and stock cubes are made via a fee free PayPal service.

❗️BE AWARE – Contributions are made in $USD (I can’t change it), and the icecreams I like cost 50c so be careful with how generous you are! Any problems, shoot me an email!

4) Gossip
The more people who know about us, the more chances we’ll receive sponsorship (oh pleaaaaase phone companies!!!), and the more likely we are to finish!!!! Please talk about us, even the bad, and have your friends join us through the calamities!!

5) MOST IMPORTANTLY – Keep checking in
I love having you with me. It’s no longer possible to respond to emails and one-on-one update requests, but know I read all of them, and appreciate you.

THANK YOU – If it wasn’t for the community, I wouldn’t be out here arguing with Wombat about why he has to wear his backpack. Yep. That’s happening.

Big love,

Lucy + Wombat 


  1. Love your blog Lucy. You’re an inspiration for many.
    May you feel the love and support of many around you and know you’re not really alone.
    May the road rise up to meet you…
    Love from southwest Australia (Albany). Clare XX❤️

  2. Hi,

    I am a woman who has been cycling the world since 2011 and now is time to cross to Latin America, but last couple od months I’ve be thinking of walking Panamerica instead of cycling. I did research and that’s how I found you. Happy to see that you’re doing well. I am wondering how will you cross Garien Gap?

    Happy trails!


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