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Would I have started if I knew what I do now?

Absolutely not.

Don’t freak out. I’m not about to stop. I spoke with Australian Hiker this month and we had an excellent catch up. Since they’re hiking specific, a lot of our conversation covered topics that aren’t usually discussed like the nitty gritty of how I cope with resupplies, sponsors, isolation, logistics of travelling with a dog, and a life of penny pinching.

One thing that really stood out for me at the end of this conversation was the divide between what I imagined life would be like, and the reality.

This is an aspect I should share more of, as even now, in my resolve to continue, I struggle with the expectations of what I can achieve, and am becoming more and more aware of the toll of chasing my greatest pursuit. 

You can listen here:

108-Tangles and tail: an interview with Lucy Barnard

In the podcast:

  • Early expectations vs the reality 
  • The timeline: being adaptable and resilient 
  • The secret behind my resupplies 
  • My dream sponsor 
  • What’s the deal with the hiking trailer
  • Sexual harassment
  • Equipment failure and adaptation 
  • The toll on my body
  • Coping with isolation
  • The story behind “Tangles + Tail”
  • A daily rundown
  • The ultimate high and the ultimate low
  • Where do I sleep?
  • What has surprised me
  • If I knew what I did now, what would I have done differently?

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Wanna help me, sponsor me, or motivate me?

Here’s how people have been helping (bribing) me forward:

1) Luggage mules 
If you’re planning a trip to Peru this year, or Ecuador… and you’re happy to bring me a jacket, or some tights, or a set of dog booties… please contact me!

If you’re skilled at Rogaining this will be right up your ally as travelling to the country is half the challenge. Once you arrive we’ll either need to find a service that can deliver the goods… or better yet – provide you access to my LIVE tracker so you can track me down personally.

Promise I’ll be somewhere worth the adventure!!

2) Clothes and equipment
You can contribute towards specific equipment here, which will be sent to a friend, waiting for a luggage mule…

3) Ice cream, hot chocolates and dog toys for the road. 
These delightful variations from rice and stock cubes are made via PayPal.

4) Gossip
The more people who know about us, the more chances we’ll receive sponsorship (oh pleaaaaase phone companies!!!), and the more likely we are to finish!!!! Please talk about me and Wombat, even the bad, and have your friends join us through the calamities!!

5) MOST IMPORTANTLY – Keep reading
I love your feedback and love having you with me. It’s no longer possible to respond to emails and one-on-one update requests, but know I read all of them, and appreciate you.

Thanks you!!

If it wasn’t for the community, I wouldn’t be out here arguing with Wombat about why he has to wear his backpack. Yep. That’s happening.

Big love,

Lucy + Wombat 👩🏻‍🌾🐶

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