The reason my pack is heavy, is because I’m a girl. Apparently.


  1. Hi Lucy
    You are doing so well!! Thanks for sharing “what’s in your bag”. I did the Camino a few years back and loved it so much I went back the following year and did it again, all 800ks (approx) both times, which is nothing compared with what you’re doing!! Anyway, for what it’s worth, I found strapping my toes &/or heels with sports tape at the first sign of a pink “hot spot” worked really well in preventing blisters. I learned this the hard way, walking a few hundred ks with blisters on my blisters on my first Camino. Good luck with crossing the desert. Will be thinking of you and sending you heaps of good vibes. Go girl go!!
    Stay safe

    • Thanks!! I’m wearing blister prevention socks (ArmaSkin) which are doing the trick!… that said… I’m really bad at stopping when I know I really should!!

  2. Hi Lucy thanks for the update. You possibly have heard this but the sawyer filter will freeze at low temps so people usually put them in their sleeping bags at night, once frozen they don’t filter. Your Aarn front pockets, could you put your stove and fuel into two bags and put some of it in one pocket,just to spread the weight. I don’t know how big your camera is so might not be possible. Lastly toe socks my husband has started wearing them when tramping and has stopped getting blisters don’t know if that is what you are using now. Good luck with the next section love hearing how you’re doing.

    • Hi Christine!!!
      Yes, I did know that about Sawers… it broke pre freezing conditions.
      I keep water in the front Aarn pockets for weight and store my stove in the pot to avoid damaging it… something I learnt from customer’s mistakes when I worked at an outdoor shop.
      Also, I would love to strap my toes but tape isn’t easy to come by and I don’t like the waste so I save my tape for injuries. I was wearing toe socks… they were great! I’d alternate between ArmaSkin liners and those and now I use liners all the time with toe spacers… again… toe socks are hard to find here.
      One thing I did learn recently (weight distribution wise) was that I secured my tent to the worst part of my pack… repositioning it made the whole system feel better… that and having saved 10kg switching to summer gear has been AMAZING!

    • THANKS HEAPS for your ideas. It’ll be interesting to see how I go among the dry lands and if that’ll cause new foot problems!

  3. Hi Lucy, what a great video. Very few people have spent a year on the road, so I’m sure you have your belongings exactly as you like – if you could carry more you would and if you could carry less you would.
    I went to Dunsborough in WA last week and camped for three nights in a tent with just with my dog. With an esky of food, water and all that stuff, I had about 60kg. I’m very pleased I had a car to carry it. I loved having my dog, but walking along the side of the road was a nightmare. For you being on roads, the extra food etc – I can see why a dog is so difficult.
    Keep on distributing love because the world is already full of hatred. I wonder where I got that from?

  4. I’m glad you are having success with AmarSkin socks. I like them too. If you have a Kindle, I’d like to gift you a copy of the 6th edition of Fixing Your Feet, or I can send you a PDF of the book. I a have been following you for a while and love your energy. Good luck on your walk. Stay safe.

  5. Keep going Lucy, you are doing great! Look forward to seeing how you go in the Desert. I also don’t think you have anything unnecessary in your pack. I agree you do need at least 1 or 2 small luxuries. I enjoyed hearing your reasons for choosing certain items even though they may be a little heavier (availability of fuel etc). Look forward to your next vlog. 🙂

  6. I think you’re AMAZING!!!! You obviously know what you need in your pack & I can’t imagine how you could make it any smaller 🙂 Keep going! I absolutely love seeing your posts & video’s & am putting some money in your chocolate/coffe fund, haha. Woo hoo! Keep up the great work!

  7. I saw you on the ABC in January and was just amazed by this endeavour. Well done on the adventure so far and I wish you good things for your arduous journey ahead. Your positive spirit is very infectious.

    Save travels Lucy!

    Regards from Adelaide,


  8. G’Day Lucy,
    Love the video post.
    We find you an unbelievable inspirational person. I’ve told my 2 two daughters about you expedition, I hope it inspires them to.
    Keep smiling, power on, love your stories.
    Kind regards Graeme and Rob, Bolong NSW

  9. So happy you’re making videos and sharing your wisdom! Love your smile and might. No suggestions, but as always I learnt a lot (even though you pack like a girl – madness). Xo

  10. Dear Lucy, only you know what you need. Only you have to carry it….so…. make the choices based on your experiences. I love that you are willing to share so much of your personal pack with so many. You are an inspiration. Keep on keeping on. Your generous heart and wild free spirit helps us all be braver in what we face every day. I admire every step you are taking to inspire others.

    • Ummmmm. Right now I’m using a tent from The North Face. It’s called Triarch. No idea the weight but when I switch back to a pack I’ll probably switch to an ultra light tent. As by then I imagine the current one will be worn down.

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