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I began at the bottom of Argentina and will cross 15 countries to reach the highest point of Alaska, USA.

World first    Solo    Paddled water crossings    With a dog

How long, how far?

Over three/four years I will walk approximately 30 000kms – the equivalent of 1/6 the average distance a person will walk in their lifetime.

Climate conditions include:
Entering one of the worlds coldest cities: –10°C (14°F)… I’ve already endured -17°C in a snow storm.
Passing one of the worlds hottest deserts: 50°C (122°F), and
Climbing to the worlds highest city: 5 100M (16732ft).

The world record

On completion I will be the first woman to walk the length of the world; first completed by George Meegan in 1982. George holds the Guinness record for the: The longest unbroken march of all time.
But for how long?

Racing the Americans

The attempt isn’t unchallenged. One duo are already a year in.
Can you beat them?
I’m gearing to catch up with them but it will be a push! Hopefully they say g’day when I do. There is one small technicality: we’re not guided by the same goals – but in the name of good spirits we may as well be on the same path!

1) They’re affiliated with missionaries (or so an article told me) so they stop to give back along their way – their goal is 5 years so I hope I can catch them.
2) While their trip is unmotorised, they have hitched a few rides, caught ferries and will travel Mexico on bikes. This is for safety and crazy logistics… which for some reason I like to take on… as though the callenge isn´t enough.
3) They’re successful: They have a robust fundraising campaign receiving sponsorships, and donations well beyond $10G in their first year and are now raising $20G for their second year… AND they have over 3000 social followers. That’s not rule breaking. Just amazing!


Please follow my journey, share the posts you enjoy and if you would like to get more involved checkout my collaboration page.

Big Love,
– Lucy Barnard

Hiking in south america


    • Thanks Thomas!! Keep checking in every now and again… and if you have any ideas, let me know!

  1. Good luck!! The boys and I are going to be watching and learning from your every step. Your an inspiration to many…The Bed People

  2. Hi Lucy – saw your story on channel nine news is Sydney – really interested in your journey and very interested if I understand correctly that you are taking your dog – is this correct?

    Warm regards


    • Hi Richard!! Not quite, after I have been here a few months I will look into picking one up over here. But first I have to find my rhythm and make sure my body can hold up to the challenge. It’s still early days.

  3. You don’t know me but I’m behind your journey! When are you leaving on your trek? Best of luck! X

    • Well it’s nice to meet you Helen!!
      I started yesterday and recommence on the 21st or 22nd. You can track my progress from the map and track page in the navigation side bar.

  4. Good luck Lucy , from someone who has done some long hikes but nothing like what you have set yourself. Lots of planning would have to go into this .Love to hear a gear& clothing list. Hope those Armaskin socks keep the blisters away.


      I’ll be sure to do that when I’m on my way to El Calafate… no doubt the list will have changed by then… it certainly has under gone a few adjustments already!!


  5. Hey Lucy, Great thing your doing. That winter your currently trekking through looks pretty nasty. I ran from Mexico to Panama in 2015, I can tell you that you will be wishing for snow once more when you are up there. Crazy Hot!!! I was only out there for 7 months but the biggest think I learnt was to not wish away the kms, I know it can be hard at times and all you want to do is be 100kms ahead of where you are….but, this is a once in a life time adventure. enjoy every step!

    • Thanks Olly! You’re right… Sometimes that’ll be tough but I agree ☝️

      Thanks for getting in touch! Are you still adventuring?!

    • Thanks!! … I checked out your site. New knees are expensive – I better take care of the ones I have!!!

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