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 There is a moment between having an idea and acting on it, when you choose to do something or you won’t… I decided to become the first woman to walk the length of the earth.

It’s a 30 000 km trek from the southernmost point of South America to the highest point of Alaska. When I finish I will be the first woman, and one of only a handful of people to have ever completed it.

I travel only by foot, or where there are ocean crossings, I swim or kayak.


It bugged me that in the 35 years since it was first completed, no women had achieved the same feat… so I began planning.

Officially, three men have walked from Argentina to Alaska, and approximately 10 have walked their own variations but… only one (the first) has walked from the polar most extreme cities – This is what I have undertaken.

Three years on, I’ve walked the length of Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Some say it’s an impossible dream – but the way I see it is that if he can, I can too.

Closing barriers is one part, but I also started this project for the experience and to see how far I could go. I wanted to attempt something only achieved by a handful of people and I wanted to live adventurously, travel, and have a story to tell.

I share these stories for prosperity and for insight into what the journey is like. I’m honest and I go into depth about the life I’m living, while on a path few have dared to walk because above everything else, I’d like to contribute towards how women are revered by our children.


I travel only by foot or where the terrain is unpassable, I swim or kayak. I am self supported, sleep in a tent, am responsible for navigation and logistics, all without an on-road support team. I do have a bunch of friends who help out when I need a new pair of tights sent over, or some other weird logistics. I also turn to them, my family, and the community on social media for support when adventure life becomes mentally tough.

From where to where

Watch the animation!

Even though I mapped out the trail (way back when)… I’ve never stuck to it!

Are you walking on your own

Yes. That said, friends have joined me on the trail. The record for consecutive days was recently extended from 3 days to 5… other friends opt to catch me in town instead. 🤷

What about your dog

Wombat is a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) who started walking with me at 3 months of age. True to the breed, he is high energy, adventurous and cheeky. Sometimes stubborn, sometimes fierce, he is a quick learner, loves oranges, anything that squeaks, branches 5 times his length, and sneaking into my sleeping bag when I’m not looking. 

Pairs of shoes to date

🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾 🥾🥾

What do you eat

I’m a coeliac so this gets tricky. I am limited by what’s in town and sometimes that means glutenfully-delicious shelf stable food because I’ve either run out of stove fuel and can’t buy more or there aren’t gf options. 🤷🤩 In a typical day I’ll eat: oats, an apple, peanuts, and a main. It isn’t much but I found removing sugar from my diet has stopped me from getting hungry – so I carry less in my pack and then delight in bamboozling the local vendors when I gorge myself in town!

Average steps per day

45 000 – 65 000

Steps the whole way

40 000 000


I began on the 19th of February 2017. It will take another three or four years to complete.


30 000kms – the equivalent of 1/6 the average distance a person will walk in their lifetime.


I was born in 1982


Cold: I’ve endured -17°C in a snowstorm.
Hot: The Atacama Desert has been recorded to reach 50°C (122°F), and
Altitude: I will reach the worlds highest city in Peru: 5 100M (16732ft).

The world record

On completion I will be the first woman to walk the length of the world; first completed by George Meegan in 1982. George holds the Guinness record for: The longest unbroken march of all time.


Wouldn’t it be great if my journey had an impact on others?

Whether it be for entertainment or towards another crazy pursuit, you can help make that happen. Join the community, sign up for notifications on my social pages, share the posts you enjoy and if you would like to get more involved visit my wish list!

See you out there,
Lucy + Wombat


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