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There is a moment between having an idea and acting on it, when you choose to do something or you won’t… I decided to become the first woman to walk the length of the world.

It’s a 30 000 km trek from the southernmost point of South America to the highest point of Alaska. When I finish I will be the first woman, and one of only a handful to have ever completed it.

I travel only by foot, or where the terrain is impassable, I swim or kayak.


Why: I’m driven by a desire to achieve a feat completed only by a handful of people, and to live adventurously. I encourage anyone who has an ambitious goal to strive for it, no matter how unconventional, and especially in spite of the risk of failure.
Pairs of shoes to date: 5
Average steps per day:
45 000 – 65 000
Steps the whole way: 
40 000 000
Where’s your dog: I don’t have one yet. Initially, I wanted to ensure I could handle the expedition, the demands on my body and the solitude. Now I’ve survived the first year, I am waiting to find the right dog who has the physical and mental aptitude to enjoy the walk with me.
It will take three, four or even five years to complete.
Distance: 30 000kms – the equivalent of 1/6 the average distance a person will walk in their lifetime.
How: I travel only by foot or where the terrain is unpassable, I swim or kayak. I am self supported, sleep in a tent, am responsible for navigation and logistics, all without an on-road support team.
Age: I was born in 1982
The cold: I’ve already endured -17°C in a snowstorm.
The heat: The Atacama desert has been recorded to reach 50°C (122°F), and
The altitude: I will reach the worlds highest city in Peru: 5 100M (16732ft).

The world record

On completion I will be the first woman to walk the length of the world; first completed by George Meegan in 1982. George holds the Guinness record for the: The longest unbroken march of all time.
But for how long?

Racing the Americans

The attempt isn’t unchallenged. One duo have 16 months head start on me.
Can I beat them?
I’m gearing to catch up with them but it will be a push! Hopefully they say g’day when I do. There is one small technicality: we’re not guided by the same goals – but in the name of good spirits we may as well be on the same path!

1) They’re affiliated with missionaries (or so an article told me) stopping to give back along their way – their goal is 5 years so I hope I can catch them.
2) Their aim is to travel the longitude of the world. While their trip is unmotorised, they have hitched a few rides and caught ferries along the latitude traverses. They have also undertaken micro-expeditions down rivers in Kayaks and will travel Mexico on bikes. This is for both safety and logistics.


Wouldn’t it be great if my journey had an impact on others?

Whether it be for entertainment or towards another crazy pursuit, you can help make that happen. Join the community and get your hands dirty. Sign up for notifications on my social pages, share the posts you enjoy and if you would like to get more involved get in touch!

See you out there,
– Lucy

Hiking in south america


    • Thanks Thomas!! Keep checking in every now and again… and if you have any ideas, let me know!

  1. Good luck!! The boys and I are going to be watching and learning from your every step. Your an inspiration to many…The Bed People

  2. Hi Lucy – saw your story on channel nine news is Sydney – really interested in your journey and very interested if I understand correctly that you are taking your dog – is this correct?

    Warm regards


    • Hi Richard!! Not quite, after I have been here a few months I will look into picking one up over here. But first I have to find my rhythm and make sure my body can hold up to the challenge. It’s still early days.

  3. You don’t know me but I’m behind your journey! When are you leaving on your trek? Best of luck! X

    • Well it’s nice to meet you Helen!!
      I started yesterday and recommence on the 21st or 22nd. You can track my progress from the map and track page in the navigation side bar.

  4. Wow! Go girl! Got your story from Backpacking Light and look foward to following you on this incredible journey. Awesome.

  5. Good luck Lucy , from someone who has done some long hikes but nothing like what you have set yourself. Lots of planning would have to go into this .Love to hear a gear& clothing list. Hope those Armaskin socks keep the blisters away.


      I’ll be sure to do that when I’m on my way to El Calafate… no doubt the list will have changed by then… it certainly has under gone a few adjustments already!!


  6. Hey Lucy, Great thing your doing. That winter your currently trekking through looks pretty nasty. I ran from Mexico to Panama in 2015, I can tell you that you will be wishing for snow once more when you are up there. Crazy Hot!!! I was only out there for 7 months but the biggest think I learnt was to not wish away the kms, I know it can be hard at times and all you want to do is be 100kms ahead of where you are….but, this is a once in a life time adventure. enjoy every step!

    • Thanks Olly! You’re right… Sometimes that’ll be tough but I agree ☝️

      Thanks for getting in touch! Are you still adventuring?!

    • Thanks!! … I checked out your site. New knees are expensive – I better take care of the ones I have!!!

  7. Hola lucy me llamó Mario. Me crucé con vos en octubre, sobre un puente en el lago Rivadavia, yo en dirección al sur y tu al norte, ya regresé a mi casa en Santa Fe, pero si necesitas compañía para el viaje te alcazo de toque. Espero estés bien. Un abrazo. The World is crazy

    • Hola! Espero que estés bien! Gracias por ponerse en contacto. Manténgase seguro en sus viajes!

  8. Just saw your interview on ABC sunday morning breakfast show. You’re a force to be reckoned with! Totally rooting for you girl! Enjoy your adventure.

  9. Good luck. Just saw your beautiful interview live on ABC Australia Sunday morning show. Keep it up. We are all behind you.

  10. Hullo Lucy. I just saw you being interviewed on ABC TV (Sunday morning here in Oz) – and I love what I saw. Your spirit and your shine. Must admit I also have huge doses of envy. Take care, be safe, and you now have one more person providing some mental good vibes to follow you.

  11. Hi Lucy, I saw your story on TV this morning (Perth Western Australia) so inspiring, your exuberant energy leapt out from the screen, I wish you every success in this awe inspiring journey – Best Wishes, Rayleen & Brea (my dog)

  12. Just seen you on ABC .. what a fantastic challenge. Look forward to following your journey. Good luck from Perth

  13. Luce! What’s been the highlight of the day so far!? I just quit my job & am desperate to walk A to A; thanks for carving a path; please hide me some chocolates.

  14. Saw ya story on ABC news this morning. Looks like an awesome adventure, really hope ya make it! Your an inspiration!

  15. Gees Lucy , I first read of your adventure just today via the ABC News and was blown away by your delightful approach , incredible determination , self effacing humour , oh bugger it … everything you are doing … WTF …!!! I wish you great happiness and love , you are amazing , I mean REALLY amazing .

  16. Hi Lucy – I really admire you on many many levels – stay safe david

  17. Hi Lucy – have just been listening to you on the ABC Radio in Sydney – you are a truly insprirational woman & I wish you every success with this incredible challange – look forward to hearing about your amazing travels – all the very best – cheers

  18. Hi could i get information about the hardships that were (or will be) endured

    • Hi Blake, there are some covered in the blog but if you’re after something specific send me an email. Cheers, L

  19. Hello! My english language no is very good, but I admire you and i have sure that you will end this adventure for the world with succesfull…

  20. Lucy after meet you in la alcaldesa square with wombat a few minutes ago I will wish you get the goal and then to became in the first women to reach this BIG challenge and I would like to see you again

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